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The term ‘’African Juju” often referred as charms or African magic play a dominant role in the African rel belief system. If you were born and raisedin Africa, you are surely aware of the existence of local charms because in churches you hear pastors raise prayer points like “lets pray against witches and wizards fighting our lives and progress,’’ individuals that administer these charms are commonly refered as Native Doctors. In Igbo language, native doctors are called Dibia, in Yoruba Babalawo, and in Hausa Boka. It is vital to note that the practice of evil charms should not be associated with the practice of African Traditional Religion (ATR), a lot of folks when they hear juju jump into hasty conclusions that ATR is  responsible, that is dumb. There are evil men in the churches, mosques, and every religious gathering, this is largely because human minds differ, and we all have our deeply held beliefs.
How …


Image “She’s fighting me, and I’m like: I’m telling you the truth, I swear to God, stop it. She hits me a couple more times, and it doesn’t go from translation: sit down, I’m trying to tell you the truth. It goes to: now I’m finna be me, and be evil... She tried to kick me... and I really hit her, with a closed fist, I punched her. When I saw it, I was in shock, I was like, fuck, why did I hit her. She spit blood in my face – and it raised me even more ... She grabbed my nuts, and I bit her arm, I look back at that picture and I’m just like: that’s not me. I hate it to this day – that’s going to haunt me forever’’.- Chris Brown on physically assaulting Rihanna (The Guardian, 2017)

Without doubt, the issue of domestic violence has turned out to be a trending topic globally, it could be physical, emotional, mental or psychological. Most couples fail to maintain the love tempo they had prior marriage, some families from day one of matrimony start having problems that could result to do…


You wanna know what’s worse than a child being told his/her parents irresponsibility and negligence towards them, and then seeing a child growing to understand it by him/herself? Seeing is believing my people. Karma is as real as it gets. Be careful how you lay your bed in this present day, because the seed you sow now, determines if you ever get a bed to lay on in the future. Be wise and YOLO with sense.”- Shola Ogudu, Wizkid's first baby mama (THISDAY, 2018)
Fame and wealth without doubt draw public attention to individuals that worked their way to stardom or are privileged to attain fame. With the celebrity tag, one is tasked to live up to expectations of the public, a celebrity hardly keep secret due to the ever present paparazzi quick to report a celebrity’s life to the public. Male celebrities are confronted with the challenge of having many female fans, its a problem because these fans go as far as sending nude pictures to these celebrities, they flaunt around in club hous…


Nigerians would always remember the story of the four innocent university of Port Harcourt students that were brutally murdered by residents of Aluu community on accusation of theft which turned out to be false. Some Nigerians felt pity for them because they were innocent of the crime they were accused and murdered for, others felt pity for their families, and many talked about the dashed hopes and dreams. I was quite surprised that only few debated on the issue of jungle justice in a country like Nigeria often referred as ‘’Giants of Africa.’’ Each time I heard people discuss the issue, I listened with hope that citizens of Nigeria, a country believed to be en route greatness would think about how to end jungle justice in Nigeria. Owing to the public outcry for justice, I thought to myself ‘’Chinedu this will end the problem of jungle justice in Nigeria or at least lead a revolution to end it.’’ With time, I noticed that most Nigerians were saddened by the fact that the boys were inn…


Few weeks back, I got the message in the image above from someone I do not even know, probably a gay rights activist or a gay. After lashing out on him via social media due to my dislike for gay practice, I thought extensively on the topic of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transsexuals in Africa. I posed certain questions to myself, if democracy as I have read and told represents the rights of every mindless of the way they choose to live their lives and provided they do not harm others or commit crime, why are gays in most parts of Africa not protected under the constitution? Why does most African countries profess love for democracy and claim to embrace the system, yet it is not effectively practiced? It is one thing to embrace democracy and it is another to fully and effectively practice the system. Majority of us in this continent might dislike LGBTs or its practice, but the bitter truth lies in the fact that whether we like it or not, the rights of LGBTs must be protected under t…


ARE THERE HUMANS NATURALLY ACADEMIC DUMB? ‘’Ugo Chinedu? I will not mark this…he will surely fail if I do…let me save myself the stress and record him a zero…. Ugo Chinedu come out here and kneel down…I will flog the hell out of you because you love to fail’’
The quote above were the words of my mathematics teacher during my primary education, to him there was no need to make efforts towards improving me. In the long run, I made him eat his words, thats a story for another day though. The inspiration behind this write up is what Ugo Chinedu that dumb boy that there was no need to help turned out to become academically. Many kids are confronted with this challenge and the ones that are lucky find help and those who cannot pick themselves up like I did end up woefully which raises the question of this discourse; are there humans naturally academic dumb? NO. I attribute academic dumbness to certain factors, notable among these factors are; poor academic foundation, psychological effect, an…


IS GOD THE GIVER OF WEALTH OR DOES HARD WORK GUARANTEE WEALTH? Most times am asked to offer suggestions on how one can be successful, my reply is always ‘’hard work.’’ The motive for this write-up stem from an argument I had with my mother and siblings on the source of financial wealth. I tend to emphasize less on the role of God in financial wealth attainment when I argue with fellow Nigerians and Africans not because God does not give wealth, (Deuteronomy 8vs 18, the Holy Bible) but because most Africans tend to be lazy and justify poverty on the basis that ‘’God is the giver of wealth’’ as a popular Igbo clique goes ‘’Ego si na chi’’ literally translated as ‘’money is from God,’’ that is not to say that there are no Africans with firm belief in God and hard work. A professor in a Nigerian university once told me ‘’Chinedu money is from God and one’s destiny…if you are not destined to be rich forget it…no amount of work can grant you wealth,’’ I was left in awe with his words. I ponde…